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The NeuroSky MindSet Research Tools (MRT) enables researchers to use the Mindwave Mobile as a data collection device. Using the cost effective and user-friendly features of Mindwave Mobile in conjunction with the MRT allows researchers to broaden the scope of their research and to make efficient use of resources.

The MRT includes NeuroView and NeuroSkyLab which are specialized tools and applications that will allow you to use the MindSet to research and understand the behaviors of brainwaves at a low level, giving you the potential to develop your own brainwave-based algorithms. The MRT can be useful for anyone, from developers, to novice brain wave & electroencephalography (EEG) researchers just getting their feet wet, to experienced Electroencephalography researchers who wish to explore advanced analysis of the EEG measured by the MindSet.

Mindset Research Tools

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