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Neurofeedback Training


Brainwave Concentration Experience Day

Use advanced brainwave equipment to detect the state of children's brainwaves, and then observe children's learning advantages, giving appropriate guidance, strengthen neural network connections and improve children&'s learning ability, and find out children's unlimited potential.

Date: December 27, 2022

Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Venue: Moreton Terrace, Causeway Bay - (Hong Kong Women's Association (next to the Central Library)
Target: Children aged 4 to 13

Purpose of the activity: Improve brain performance and show children's potential

Content include:

  • brainwave focus training

  • Brainwave Relaxation Training

  • Free value of HK$980Brainwave Personality Analysis (MBTI)

  • ​ Lecture on Brain Development on brainwave, energy, vibration and sound

  • ​ Brainwave game experience

​​Enquiries: 5540 8490

​Language: Professor Cantonese, assisted by English

Registration before December 12:
One child;
Two childrenHK$380
Register after December 12, HK$580 per child
(Original price: per person


Free value of HK$980

An analysis report on the strength and weakness of the brain wave personality.


Neurofeedback Training

Brainwave Concentration Experience Day

December 27, 2022

3:00pm - 5:00pm

  • Is your child often distracted?
  • Do you spend a long time doing homework and studying?
  • No time to play?

Whole Brain Training That Schools Won't Teach
Fast, Scientific and Efficient

​ Simple brain potential development makes you a

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Neurofeedback Training


Brainwave Concentration Experience Day


Absolutely not to be missed


brainwave concentration training

Research from the University of Wolong in Australia shows that using brain wave feedback can help the brain build a focused brain neural network, improve self-control, and enable the brain to effectively enter a focused state.Reduces ADHD Behaviors


Brainwave Personality Analysis (MBTI)

Through brain wave analysis, conduct brain wave personality analysis in real time, and truly present your own characteristics, so that parents can better understand their children's characteristics, find out their interests, and suitable methods, and cultivate their own concentration, learning ability, and control of the moment. mood.


​ Lecture on Brain Neurodevelopment

Lectures explain how sound and movement can help children build a foundation of attachment and connection, and how it can contribute to the development of peace, awareness, emotional intelligence, self-confidence and social connection, making children healthier and ready to deal with any challenges and conflicts.

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Brainwave Relaxation Training

Alpha waves are the best state of inspiration, ideas, and learning. Brain wave trainers measure brain waves in real time to improve student's  alpha waves, so that they can enter the most ideal state of relaxed learning anytime, anywhere

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​ Brainwave game experience

Children can experience a variety of brain wave games, learn about brain neuroscience, and walk at the forefront of brain nerve development. Make sure your kids are entertained.


Suitable for children aged 4 to 13


​Case Sharing

Control Emotion

I am very happy that my child can listen to me calmly now,. But it was not like this before. She reads K3, I found that her temper is getting bigger and bigger, sometimes she yells and curses for a long time, even uncontrollably, until I gave her brain wave training. Not long after starting, I found that her emotions were more stable than before, and she began to control her emotions. I am very happy that she has made such great progress

Excellent in conduct and learning

My daughter completed the 30-day concentration training, and now she has won the conduct award and the model student award in Wanchai District. I asked the teacher, why she won the award? The teacher said that my daughter is more mature than other students in school, attentive and polite in class , and cares about her classmates, so she was selected to win the conduct award. As for the model student award in Wanchai District, it is not only for good conduct, but also for good academic performance. The principal selected one from all grades. I am not only happy, but also grateful. Wave training really helps.


Concentrate on studying, get 100 mark every time

My child has been using brainwave training for more than a year. Recently, the school started dictation I found that the child can concentrate on reviewing new words, just like playing a brainwave concentration game.  The child get 100 marks in both Chinese and English dictation in the past ten times. I fully agree with the efficacy of brain wave training.

​ The differrent kinds of brain waves,

Neurofeedback, improve concentration,Reduces ADHD Behaviors

Awakening the Intuitive Intelligence and our slogan is live with intuitioin!

Our Team

We gather brain development experts in all aspects to develop the strongest brain for students


Steven Fung

Brain Wave Development Expert

  • The program director of 30 days brainwave concentration training

  • Neuro-Semantics Certified Neuro-Semantics & NLP Trainer of International Society of (ISNS), United States

  • Certified Coach Genius (Access Personal Genius) of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), United States


Stephen Au

​ Brain energy development expert

  • ICU (Inspiring Children Universally) Academy Teacher's Training

  • Resonance Retreat (Scotts Valley)/Etymology of Number/Language of Light / Light / Geometry of Healing

  • Dr. Gene Ang Arcturian Healing Method 1 & 2

  • Family Constellation Trainer’s Training

  • Master NLP Practitioner Training

  • Mindvalley University (Tallin) / Mindvalley Reunion (San Diego & Los Angeles)

Suitable for children aged 6 to 13

Neurofeedback Training


Brainwave Concentration Experience Day

December 27, 2022

3:00pm to 5:00pm

Causeway Bay Moreton Terrace - Hong Kong Women Association(Next to Central Library )

On that day, there will be experts in the development of the brain, using various Brain wave equipment, to improve children's brain concentration and learning ability!

You will discover...  

  • A New Era of Brainwave Learning: Through brainwave brain neurofeedback, studies have shown that it can effectively improve concentration and relaxation, Improve learning efficiency, reconcile body and mind, make learning happier and healthier, and reduce ADHD behaviors.

  • Brain wave personality testing, self-knowledge: Studies have shown that personality affects the choice of interests, learning satisfaction, stress, and communication behavior. Find out your interests and suitable methods through brainwave personality testing, cultivate your own concentration to improve learning, find a suitable place, do suitable things, and control your emotions at the moment.

  • neurofeedback training, Reduce inattention and ADHD BehaviorResearch from the University of South Wolong in Australia shows that the use of brain wave feedback can help the brain build a focused brain neural network, improve self-control, and enable the brain to effectively enter a focused state

  • Brainwave Relaxation Exercises, Every Child Can Do: Try a variety of brainwave-enhancing training by yourself, see the effect immediately, and improve your brain's ability to become happy and easy.


  • Understanding brainwave, sound and Vibration for Children's Development: Lectures explain in detail how brainwaves, sound and movement help children build a foundation for attachment and connection, and how they contribute to the development of peace, awareness, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and social connection. Moment awareness of frequencies, timbres, music, light, body, sensations, emotions and thoughts makes the child healthier and ready for any challenge and conflict.


Suitable for children aged 4 to 13

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