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Neurofeedback Training


Brainwave Concentration Experience Day

😕你仍然沉迷手機?😍AI 腦波Coach 如何能夠幫助你呢?




😍Mindceo 專注使用腦電波技術,幫助我們提升大腦潛能。現在我們更結合AI科技,打造了AI 腦波Coach,


  • 👋🏻擺脫沉迷

  • 💪🏻提升能力

  • 🤩活得更精彩






日期: 2023年12月15日

時間 : 9:00pm - 10:00pm

地點 : Zoom

費用 : 免費

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​Case Sharing

Control Emotion

I am very happy that my child can listen to me calmly now,. But it was not like this before. She reads K3, I found that her temper is getting bigger and bigger, sometimes she yells and curses for a long time, even uncontrollably, until I gave her brain wave training. Not long after starting, I found that her emotions were more stable than before, and she began to control her emotions. I am very happy that she has made such great progress

Excellent in conduct and learning

My daughter completed the 30-day concentration training, and now she has won the conduct award and the model student award in Wanchai District. I asked the teacher, why she won the award? The teacher said that my daughter is more mature than other students in school, attentive and polite in class , and cares about her classmates, so she was selected to win the conduct award. As for the model student award in Wanchai District, it is not only for good conduct, but also for good academic performance. The principal selected one from all grades. I am not only happy, but also grateful. Wave training really helps.

Concentrate on studying, get 100 mark every time

My child has been using brainwave training for more than a year. Recently, the school started dictation I found that the child can concentrate on reviewing new words, just like playing a brainwave concentration game.  The child get 100 marks in both Chinese and English dictation in the past ten times. I fully agree with the efficacy of brain wave training.

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